RegplugIn won't run

Discussion created by JoelBrabant on Dec 4, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2008 by cmanhard

I run AF2 on a server and the database/client on my workstation.


My computer is not part of a Domain and I get prompted to provide username/password when I start AFExplorer (by the way, from my old workstation, with the same setup, I do not get prompted...don't know why).  I can't use RegPlugIn.exe, it won't connect to the AFServer, it can't authenticate me, there is no switch to put username/password.....


I use the /Output to generate the SQL file and I use it to load my assembly.


My questions are:


1-Howcome both workstations aren't (and never were) part of a domain and one of them (xp pro x86) doesn't need get the new Workstation (xp pro x64) does get it.


2-Will you add the switch /username /password ?