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AFElement.GetEventFrames to get all eventframes for a given AFElement

Question asked by ChewCheeLim on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by Dan Fishman

I have a requirement where I need to get all eventframes for a given AFElement. Currently I am using this method in AF SDK:-

Since I don't have a begin or end dates, hence using min-max datetime. I also use Overlapped for Search.Mode since method is not taking .None.


Is this the correct way to get what I want ? I found out the method is not returning all eventframes with below calls. I expect to get all event frames (3 diff event frames configured) data that I had configured against Apt.7203.

Could someone verify the call below? Thanks much!




<AFEventFrame> foundEventFrames = afElement.GetEventFrames(AFSearchMode.Overlapped,


DateTime.MinValue, DateTime.MaxValue, null, null, null, AFSortField.StartTime, AFSortOrder.Ascending, iIndex, iMaxCount);