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    PISDK Dialogs Error Handler




      since two weeks ago, the PI system stop suddenly without any reason,  when we checked both servers ( PI-to-PI server and PI node server) found the PI-to-PI work fine, can connected to remote server without any issues and you can search for all PI tags but the tags not updated !!

      On another hand, when we checked and found that the PI Scan Node can not connected to PI-to-PI server and show me the below message:




      your usual support is highly appreciated.



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          Hello Bader,


          Please accept my apologies. It wasn't clear to me that there's an issue left over from your previous question.

          The translation for error [-10311] is "Identity is disabled for explicit login". The fact that the dialog identifies it as an "Unknown error" may be because of an outdated PI SDK client.

          It may be that the PI User you are trying to connect with is disabled for explicit login or that explicit login's are generally disabled. Please see the following 2 screenshots.


          Please note that we discourage from using Explicit User login. Please see Security Alert: PI Authentication Weakness