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PI notifications issues refreshing change of status

Question asked by mportill on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2016 by mportill

Hello PI community,


I finally could run PI notifications and seems to be the application is sending emails properly. However, when the status changes to normal, I am not receiving the email for notification is closed. This only happens when I restart the notification. I've understood this will let you know when the trigger goes back to a normal condition.


In this particular case I am creating PI notifications for Delta V Redundancy controllers status. If the standby controller is not available I want the notification immediately. For this, I created the Redundancy attribute coming from a PI point status (0-1), and I am using a comparison trigger when Redundancy <> 1 to create the notification. I unchecked the option "Notify only on change in status" and used a resend interval = 1Hour, in case this condition is in alarm and the problem has not been resolved. When the Redundancy tag goes to "0", I am receiving the notification, also when the tag goes to "1" (since the option Notify only on change in status is checked). After going to the normal condition, I am not receiving the email with "Notification is closed" until I reset the notification. I think I am missing some parameter on the configuration.


Any idea or comment on that?


I would appreciate your support.