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    Coresight Web Page Print


      Hello Technocrats,

      I am in need of Publishing Coresight Webpage content in PDF format by a mail on monthly basis.

      Is there a way to Automate a process of Auto printing a webpage to pdf.

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          Hello Annu,


          The Internet is full of resources on how to print a web page to PDF. Have you tried the keywords you used within your question in a Search engine?

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            Hello Annu,


            This question have been asked few times but not that many.  And I believe that most of our users can email the direct link to the PI Coresight Page including the required time range so you are not sending unnecessary data over the wire and filling others emails inbox. ( just few personal thoughts here J )

            There is even an email button built-in PI Coresight Pages.


            Do you need this because you need to send the report to people who do not have access to PI Coresight?

            If this is the case there seems to have solutions to automate creating PDF from web pages that you may find on the internet e.g. How to convert a web page into a PDF?

            However, I would say your best option is to use Internet Explorer and print from there to an installed PDF printer on your computer such as CutePDF.

            The standard installation of PI Coresight uses Kerberos, and up to 2015 version of PI Coresight you have pages that are rendered with Silverlight which only Internet Explorer can render actually I believe ( Google Chrome has dropped Silverlight support).


            There seems to be a script in the Technet Gallery that could that, use internet exploer to print a web page, it is located here and this is your best chance I believe:

            Automated WebSite Printing in IE using Powershell


            Let us know if this works for you J


            Have a great day,





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