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How to store the name of the active Pi-Server (Collective) in a String

Question asked by Tobias_Schneider on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2016 by gregor

Hi Community,

i am new to the VB coding and processbook and need to know how to store the name of the active Pi-server of a collective (of two Pi-Servers) in a String.

I tried something like this:


Private Sub Display_Open()

Dim SrvrStr As String                                                             'String variable to store the Name of the active Server of the Collective

Dim myPIServer As PIServer                                                 'Define a Server Object variable

Set myPIServer = New PIServers().DefaultPIServer               'Create a new Server object and store the active Pi-server into the variable

Set SrvrStr = myPIServer.Name                                             'Store the Name of the active Pi-Server in a variable of the Type String

End Sub


Hope anybody can help