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Element-Relative Displays to Support Different Views

Question asked by ZArnold1 on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2016 by kduffy

This is Ted ->

Ted has two oil fields, each of which has a heavy oil well and a light oil well.  He also has two separators, one of which is rated for heavy oil and the other for light oil.


Ted would like a ProcessBook display that shows an oil field, its two wells, and attribute values for those two wells.  He builds an asset hierarchy in AF where each field is the parent of the two wells in the field and builds an Element Relative Display with the field providing the context.  Great! ->


He'd also like a ProcessBook display that shows each separator, the two wells feeding it, and the attribute values for the wells and compressors.  That requires a hierarchy that looks like this:


To compound maters, his users would like all equipment units organized into a taxonomy to help them navigate in Coresight.  They're asking for a hierarchy that looks like this:


How can Ted build these two different element relative displays and the hierarchy for Coresight, all of which require different views of the data, without having to copy all the elements and maintain their attributes in multiple places or build duplicate ProcessBook displays? ->


Obviously, this is a simplification of a real-life problem Zev is having.