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It is a good or bad idea to normalize my AF tables?

Question asked by fabiano.batista on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2016 by jagdish.konathala

I will have to implement an AF table that will contain equipment model, serial number, location, etc. It would be easier just to put everything in the same table. However, this way I increase table size because I could just store the equipment model ID, location ID, etc. and have 2 other tables (one for equipment model id x equipment model name, and other for location id x location name) instead of repeating all model names and location names on the different table rows. This is concept called table normalization, that you may be already familiar with.


Notice that, if I implement the table normalization concept in AF, I may need to run 2 additional queries to get the information I want. Also, the data management becomes a little more complex.


In terms of AF performance, do you think it would be faster using normalization, even if I need to run 2 additional queries, or a non-normalized table would offer better performance? Have you already tested this?