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PI Server Security Videos Now on YouTube!

Discussion created by Camille Metzinger Employee on Apr 11, 2016
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Think security is important? Are OSIsoft’s best security practices implemented on your PI Server?

Check out our new Configure PI Server Security Playlist on our OSIsoft Learning YouTube Channel!




Trying to understand what are identities, mappings, & trusts?

   OSIsoft: What are Identities, Mappings, & Trusts and How Are They Used in PI Server Security?

Ready to create custom identities and mappings on your PI Data Archive?

   OSIsoft: Configure Overall PI Data Archive Security for Users & SDK Applications

Looking to setup PI Points security too?

   OSIsoft: Setup Custom Security on PI Points for Both Users & Applications

Want to configure security specifically for PI Interfaces and buffering?

   OSIsoft: Configure Most Secure Authentication for PI Interfaces & Buffering

Have you disabled the least secure authentication options already?

   OSIsoft: Disable the Least Secure Authentication Options on Your PI Data Archive

Looking to also setup AF security?

   OSIsoft: Create, Map, & Grant Permissions to Custom Identities on Your AF Server


Also, check out our KB00833 - Seven best practices for securing your PI Server.