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    SubBatch not shown in ProcessBook


      I've recently run into an issue when looking at batch data within ProcessBook.  Our batch process has a few subbatches that running in parallel.  Previously, at one point in the batch, we had 3 subbatches in progress at the same time.  ProcessBook never had a problem displaying the batch data.  Recently we modified the process to start a 4th subbatch while the previously mentioned 3 are still in progress.  Since that process change, I can no longer see modified subbatch in ProcessBook (neither in the result table nor the Gantt chart).  I've performed a batch search in Excel and confirmed the subbatch exist, it just seems ProcessBook won't display it.  Apparently ProcessBook has a limit of 3 simultaneous subbatches. 


      Can anyone confirm this is a limitation of ProcessBook?  Is there a setting I can change in an .ini file or something to allow it to display all my subbatches?



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          Hi Christopher,

          To clarify the issue a bit, you mention that you have a process which originally had 3 subbatches in progress at the same time. You can use ProcessBook to view these subbatches no problem. Then the process was modified for a 4th subbatch, and now you "can no longer see modified subbatch in ProcessBook". Does this mean that you now cannot see data from ANY of the 4 subbatches, or simply not from the newly added 4th one?


          I could not find any limitation in ProcessBook regarding numbers of subbatches viewable in BatchView. Can we be sure that the subbatch is truly triggering within the same timeline as the others, and contains the proper parent that's being queried in BatchView? Perhaps a few screenshots might help lay things out for us