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Question by using AF Attribute to show Hourly Average for a Formula

Question asked by PFC5478 on Apr 11, 2016
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Hi all,


My question is a little bit similar to get the maxvalue timestamp via AF attribute  . I would like to check with the community

whether below implementation is possible.


We have a AF attribute which stores the formula by referencing several tags in PI Server. Those tags are in the frequency of 10 seconds.

We are able to get the calculation result from the formula in AF attribute (say, using Time Series Data in AF System Explorer) and

those values are also in 10 seconds interval.


We want to create another AF attribute which is an hourly average of the above AF attribute value. In programming (e.g. PI SDK, PI AF SDK) or PI Datalink

we know we can use PISummaries with Performance Equation to retrieve this. However, how this can be done in AF System Explorer?

What we want is when we query the Time Series Data of this new AF attribute, only hourly average be shown instead of 10 seconds interval data.


Any comments or suggestions are highly appreciated.


Thanks and Regards,

Paul Fung