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Circular references error PI Analysis

Question asked by ImagineDPTNE on Apr 12, 2016
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I've been struggling with an error with PI Analysis with no solution.


I am monitoring over 350 network equipment with 1 template in AF.

One attribute of the template is the hour that the operator configured within the equipment. I want to check if the GST hour of that equipment is well configured considering daylight saving time.


I achieve this with PI Analysis.


Here is my calculation:


1. hourDiff =  Hour(*) - 'lastHour'

2. hourNow = Hour('*) --> (Mapped on attribute 'lastHour')

3. hourEquipment = if(TagBad('hourEquip') = False or IsSet('hourEquip',"q")) then 'hourEquip' else "N/A" ('hourEquip' is the hour configured within the equipment)

4. daylightST = if(hourDiff = 1) the NoOutput() else if (hourDiff = 0) then False else if (hourDiff = 2) then True --> (Mapped on attribute 'DST')

5. adjustedHour = if('DST' = True) then Hour('*') + 4 else Hour('*') + 5

6. adjustHour24 = if(adjustedHour > 23) then adjustedHour - 24 else adjustedHour --> (Mapped on attribute 'ADJHour')

7. EVAL = if(hourEquipment <> "N/A") then if(adjustedHour24 = hourEquipment) then "Ok" else "problem" else "N/A"

8. Output = if (EVAL = 'STATEHOUR') then NoOutput() else EVAL --> (Mapped on attribute 'STATEHOUR')


This calculation is periodic and made every hour.


My problem is that for some equipment it works A1, for some, PI Analysis gives me a circular reference error and refuse to evaluate.


I tried restarting PI Analysis Service on the server and that rules out the problem.. until it comes back.


Anyone have a clue on what is going on? Why is it working for some element and not for some others?


Thank you,