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      Hi All,

      I have a question for creating a trust

      Does anybody knows, is the name of Application name at random,

      or is this related to real app name on PIINT1,

      How can i find the name


      Kind regard

      Hans vd Bovenkamp

      The Netherlands

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          The application names are not known at random , As each application has unique application (connection )name which needs to used while creating a Trust for that application.

          Please use the article below which gives a standard list of application and thier application name to be used in Trust:


          KB00505 - How to recognize connecting application names in the PI Network Manager Statistics table and message logs


          However if you are want to idenfity the application name of your own ; You can create an open trust first then use the "Network Manager statistiscs" to identify list of applications establishing connection to your PI server from the machine.

          "Name" field in net manager statictics is your application name.




          Alternatvely try to intiate a connection to PI server with your application with no trust created and  check PI message logss (pinetmgr) to identiy the application name to be used for PI trust.



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            Hi Hans,


            I also wanted to add that UniInt Interfaces allow you to set custom API connection names. You can set this in PI ICU on the UniInt tab:


            From documentation - see "API Connection name" section

            The API connection name string controls the name sent to the PI server in order to establish the PI API trust. Prior to version 4.1 of UniInt, the interface name was used to establish the PI API trust with the PI Server, which limited the PI Administrator’s options when setting up security for an interface node. There was no way to configure different PI API trusts for different instances of the interface running on the same computer. The PI Administrator is now able to specify an application name for each instance by using the API connection name parameter.

            The maximum length of this parameter is determined by the version of the PI API that is installed on the interface node. If the PI API version is prior to 1.6, the maximum length is four characters. For PI API version 1.6 or greater, the maximum length is eight characters.

            Check the PIClient.ini file for the following settings to use eight characters for the appname parameter:


            Note:The PI API puts an E at the end of the app name when setting up the PI trust if you use the four-character appname.

            The command line equivalent for setting this option is /AppName=<Name>.

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