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    CoreSight 2016 web api index not working

    Floris Zwaard

      I installed CoreSight 2016 in a clean PI system.(PI server node, AF server node and CoreSight server node)

      On the web api url I can get a value for a PI tag and also for an attribute of an element of an AF database when logged in under the configured domain service account.  I can manually add databases to the index(they are not added automatically after added to the CoreSight Admin page). But the index just doesn't start.

      Although I activated the logging for PI Web Api, there are no errors logged.

      What else can I check?

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          Hi Floris,


          did you check the user which is running the PI Crawler service.

          Is it a domain user? If so

          - does it have a mapping to the PI Server?

          - does it have permissions on the %programdata%\OSIsoft\WebAPI\Search folder?


          If it is a service account, you will have to check the same for the machine where the Crawler is installed

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              Floris Zwaard

              Hi Nicola,

              Thank you for your reply. These basic steps are set correct. That's why I mentioned it in my post. I can get the values of all piponts and values of all elements attributes of all AF databases by clicking on the links from the .../piwebapi/ url.

              I'm using WIS(windows integrated security) only with Kerberos. I can see that it is using WIS successfully in the message log in SMT.

              To be sure the domain service account can authenticate and has the correct authorization I started IE(elevated) on the coresight server node and logged in with the domain service account in the piwebapi URL.

              I did these checks prior to my first posting here.

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                  Hello Floris,


                  It's not a requirement to run PI Web API service or the Index Search Crawler service under a specific service account. Also logging on with the service account isn't required.

                  The Index Search Crawler doesn't pick up databases automatically. It's intended that you configure the source that you like to become crawled.

                  The first resources to check in case of configuration issues is the PI Coresight Administration Page at http://<yourserver.host.fqdn>/Coresight/Admin

                  In addition please check the PI Web API and the Index Search Crawler logs in Windows Event Viewer (eventvwr.exe) under Applications and Se4rvice Logs. The one for the Search Crawler is named OSIsoft-PISystemSearch.


                  If you require further assistance, please contact OSIsoft Technical Support.