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Max rows per day with PI jdbc connection

Question asked by MarcoSordi on Apr 14, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by gregor



We're fetching data from picomp2 table using PI jdbc driver -  is there any parameter on server side that limits the number of rows can be extracted per day?


We have a query that has in the where condition 80 tags and an interval of one day each run ( it extracts in the average 50.000 records per run) - if we try to fetch 2 days or more we have no result after 15-20 minutes ( Does it exist any parameter that limit this or we've to investigate performance in another way?)


50.000 records for one day or 100.000 for 2 or 150.000 for 3 days are not so much I think the should be retrieve in less then 15/20 minutes.


we already investigated  ArcMaxCollect parameter that is  1.500.000  ( so no problem)


Any suggestion is really appreciated.