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AF Discussion Forum UC2016

Question asked by msandin on Apr 14, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2016 by tmcmanus

If you participated in the AF Discussion forum during the UC, I hope you gained good advice from the experts. Let us know how we can improve the discussion forum in the future, and let's continue the conversation here. For those of you who missed it. Here I am sharing the notes from the session. Thanks to Ales Soudek Curt Hertler @Craig Harclerode for their insight and knowledge. Special thanks and kudos to Tibor Komróczki for sharing a very inspiring presentation about the potential for the strategic use of PI AF as a key transformation enabler and best practices.


Links to excellent and related presentations that we feel would be of benefit for you to review:

  1. MOL’s Delivering Value from PI AF and Azure Machine Learning
  2. Best Practices in the Deployment of PI AF by Stephen Kwan, PI AF Product Manager
  3. Shell UC2015 EMEA Keynote – Use of PI AF as a foundation for strategic enterprise transformation


as Tibor said: "PI AF - Just DO it!"