Online Training: Developing Applications with PI AF SDK Online Course April 2016 - Introduce Yourself

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Hello everyone,


I am Butch Payne from the PI Developers Club team and I am your facilitator for the next 3 weeks for this workshop. I invite you to start your workshop here with the Course Structure in order to know what you should do each one of the three weeks.You should plan your training carefully to maximize retention and work on the course a short amount of time each day.

In case you have any questions regarding lectures, exercises, or anything else, you are welcome to post them in the thread called Developing Applications with PI AF SDK Online Course April 2016 - Questions and Answers.


The video lectures and all the information pertaining to the class can be found in the section here.


Finally, I would like you to briefly introduce yourself and share a goal for this workshop.


I'll go first...

I am currently a member of the PI Developers Club team. Previously I worked for Engineering Development in the interfaces team for 14 years as a as a software developer. I joined the PI Developers Club in 2015 to broaden my knowledge of the OSIsoft development technologies. My favorites PI System Access products are PI AF SDK and PI Web API.


My goal for these 3 weeks is not only to help you with the development using this .NET library... But to have fun.



PI Developers Club Team