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    Functions of the PI Analyses Manager


      We're performing some performance measurements on the AF server and we're seeing that, while the Analyses Processor stays pretty steady all the time, the CPU for the PI Analyses Manager process jumps around a lot and can get quite high at times but it often seems to tail off to much lower steady processing over the weekend.


      I was wondering if someone from OSIsoft could explain what the Analyses Manager process actually does and how this is affected (apparently at least) by user interaction especially when the CPU for the Analyses Process doesn't change much.

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          Hi Ian,


          The process components to the PI Analysis Service are three-fold:


          • PIAnalysisManager: Windows service that spawns the PIAnalysisProcessor and PIRecalculationProcessor
          • PIAnalysisProcessor: Performs real-time analyses
          • PIRecalculationProcessor: Performs the backfilling of analyses


          So, essentially this means that anytime a client connection is triggering various operations such as creations of Analyses, triggering backfill operations, etc., the client is first communicating to the PIAnalysisManager which then directs the actions as needed.


          Under circumstances where there are no clients interacting with AF Analyses, the PIAnalysisManager should quiet down, as it has already done its duty to spawn the initial PIAnalysisProcessor(s) needed to run the real-time calculations.

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            Hello Ian,


            On top of this, if you have Natural calculations, in some companies the process generate much less changes in the data over the weekend.  That would mean less on-demand calculations and this could also explain.

            You could track this by recording the windows performance counter of the Snapshot Sybsystem: Events Sent to Queue.


            Let me know if you need details, there should be explanations on how to configure PI Performance Monitor on our websites though.

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