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AFSDK Read from / write to one member of a collective

Question asked by Arco on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by Arco

Hi all,


I am in the process of converting classic PI Points into Future PI Points.

The idea is to copy old values from a classic PI Point into a new future PI Point and later on delete the classic PI Point and rename the new future PI Point and move on.

But, in the past the classic PI Points can have different values in the primary PI Server compared to the second PI Server, and the wish is there to copy these differences for historic reasons.


So, question, how do I read from one collectivemember and write into this collectivemember by means of the AF SDK?

With the PI SDK this was possible easily, I cannot find how to do it with the AF SDK.


What I tried already. Turning off buffering. Using the DoNotBuffer option of the UpdateValues method in combination with Collective.SwitchMember. Nothing seems to work so far.


Any help would be appreciated.