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    Analysis Error


      Hello There,

      Am getting below error for AF analysis. could any one help me in fixing this issue



      Thank you in Advance


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          Hello Ashwin,


          Where exactly do you get this error?

          Can you please see if you are able to access the mentioned Attribute Temperature in PI System Explorer. Does that also fire an exception or does it display ok showing the PI Point configuration and the current value?

          Please take a screenshot of the AF version information installed through PI System Explorer -> Help -> About PI System Explorer.

          Please verify the version of PI AF Client through Programs and Features dialog. Is this the same version previously found for AF SDK (e.g.

          Please try if one of the following actions is fixing the issue:

          Reboot your client

          Repair PI AF Client Installation through Programs and Features (please make sure to PI Analysis Plug-in is selected)

          Remove PI AF Client installation through Programs and Features, reboot and install PI AF Client again.


          You may also want to consider reaching out to OSIsoft Technical Support.

          Please let us know how it goes.

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              Hello Beck,


              Thanks for your inputs, we are re configuring the AF client tool in the machine now,


              in this situation, this is acceptance server and standalone server

              once we are done with re configuring the machine and PI AF Client tool, will come back to you


              Thank you for all your support

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              Hello Ashwin,


              This seems to be caused by a custom data reference that does not implement the required overloaded methods to be able to work with PI analyses.

              It seems that you need to implement the "SetValue" method on it from the error.


              Remark on using custom data references with Analysis Service

              Please be very careful while using attributes based on custom data references in PI Analysis service.  Bad performances of the CDR implementation can cause bad performances of analysis service.

              This would not be easy to troubleshoot neither, so please if you are talking to technical support make sure to mention it.


              Hope this helps,

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