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Hide some ERD values in Process book display

Question asked by Charles Zhang Champion on Apr 24, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by Eugene Lee



I am a beginner of VS and development on the process book and AF.


I create a set of element template in AF system. The purpose is for the use the function ERD in display. As we click on the different element, the display will automatically updated base on the element name. However, for the different element, we want to hide some ERD data on the display.. This is because the element has some little difference under special condition. 


After review this PI square space, I want to try the AF wrapper to support the function of "hide value" function. Currently, I use the VS 2012 to combine the AF wrapper sample code  ( from extra downloading of OSIsoft website).


I am confusion about my solution. Please give me some suggestions on this case,

1. For the ERD display, what is the fast solution on "hide attribute value" ?

2. If my understanding on AF wrapper is right,  using the AF wrapper to enable the Process book using VBA communicate with AF, how to continue to load the AF wrapper for processbook?

3. does the OLEDB enterprise provide the easily solution on this?


Thanks for your help!