AFSDK - Server Name substitution parameters

Discussion created by RJKSolutions on Dec 11, 2008
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Can you use an element name (parent element to be precise) to be the server name of a PI server using substition parameters?  I am aware you can use %Server% to get the name of the default PI server but what I want is the following for a PI Point Data Reference within an Element Template:






The elements structure are:


MyPIServer (AFElement)
  |-> Element1 (AFElement)
       |-> Element2 (AFElement)
            |-> Sinusoid (AFElement)


Which should translate to \\MyPIServer\Sinusoid and it does but I get the following error for a derived element attribute:


The requested server was not found in the known servers table. %..


The server does actually exist in the KST so have I missed something fundamental?  It works with either %Server% or hardcoded servername in the Element Template but I want the template to work based on the AFDatabase structure, so you only need to change the element name to change focus to that server.