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    Using PowerShell to process rollup analysis errors


      I am trying to convert a C# application I wrote to process analysis errors to a PowerShell script, but seem to be running into a roadblock. It appears that loading the AFSDK assembly in PowerShell does not load the analytics assemblies like Visual Studio does.


      The following is a snippet of the C# application I have written:


      AFAnalysisRuleConfiguration configuration = analysis.AnalysisRule.GetConfiguration();
      if (configuration.HasExceptions)
          // Flag if error message is "Failed to resolve required input 'SearchCriteria'
          bool searchFail = false;
          ICollection<AFAnalysisException> exceptionGroups = configuration.ConfigurationExceptions;
          foreach (AFAnalysisException error in exceptionGroups)
              if (error.Severity == AFAnalysisErrorSeverity.Error && error.Message == "Failed to resolve required input 'SearchCriteria'")
                  searchFail = true;


      and here is how I have converted it into PowerShell:


      $analysisRule = $analysis.AnalysisRule
      $configuration = $analysisRule.GetConfiguration()
      if ($configuration.HasExceptions -eq $True) {
      $searchFail = $False
      $exceptionGroups = $configuration.ConfigurationExceptions
      foreach ($error in $exceptionGroups) {
      if (($error.Severity -eq [OSIsoft.AF.Analysis.AFAnalysisErrorSeverity]::Error) -And ($error.Message -eq "Failed to resolve required input 'SearchCriteria'")) {
      $searchFail = $True


      The problem is that in the PowerShell script, rollup analyses always have the following value in $error.Message:


      Fail to load analysis rule (Analysis Rule: 'Rollup', Path: '<AssetPathHere>[<AnalysisNameHere>]\AnalysisRule'): Failed to load 'Rollup' PlugIn: The PlugIn type 'OSIsoft.AF.Analysis.AnalysisRule.Rollup' was not found.

      In the C# application, however, the error message is correct. Any idea why this is occurring?