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    AF Analyses – Scheduled AF Rollup on stepped inputs


      I have been puzzling over why some of my rollups for stepped
      input tags have not provided the expected result. We are applying a schedules
      to our calculations to control the order that they occur in for our calculation
      hierarchy, in this case the inputs were at 06:00 and the rollup was at 06:04.


      By varying the scheduled time of the rollup the result would
      change, so the conclusion is that rollup is interpolating, so not treating the
      input tags as stepped!


      Luckily my inputs for the rollups are calculated at the same
      time, so making the rollup event driven works. However, I have to wonder if
      there is a genuine issue here, or have I missed something.


      Has anyone else come across the same issue?



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          Hi Richard,

          The inputs for your rollup are all PI Point DRs, is that right?


          I would think that the Rollup Analyses will calculate based on the underlying PI tag's "Step" attribute. Current, are these input tags set to Step=Off? Have you played around with setting them to Step=On and evaluating the rollup?

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            We have been unable to replicate the issue, where we had restarted the AF and related Analysis services.

            What we have found is that aspects of analyses appear to stop working, provide unexpected results, evaluate does not work. We resolve this by simply stopping the AF Analysis service, restarting the AF service, then restarting the Analysis service again, then all seems to be good.


            We are running AF 2.6, the business environment that we are in, where there are a lot of systems and projects dependencies, does not make upgrades easy, the task is a small scale project; the issues are seen on development servers, but less so on QA, pre-production and production, where multiple projects come together, so you have to consider interference. The project that I am working on has 11000 analyses, and counting, with a large number of configuration changes to both elements and templates, which is where some of the issues are coming from. Also, interruptions to SQL sever occur, which just adds to our problems.



            My advice, should you see some unexpected analyses issues, is restart the Analysis service, but also consider the same for the AF service, after you have done some initial investigation, then see if the issue still exists.

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