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    Can an intercative button that opens an IE windown that uses PI tag to help define the url be created?


      I am looking to create a button on a process book display that we will put in to CoreSight that when click opens a predefined URL.  In the URL I would like to be able to use a variable that is a PI tag.  Be low is an example of what I would like to use in the action line of the button.  I can get the button to work if I manually put in to the url the values of the tag currently in PI.  As these are different with each batch we run I would like this to auto update the url with the current batch information form a PI tag that is loaded with the information at the beginning of a batch.



      "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" http://sever/HOOPS/Apps/Utilities/DisplayAlarms/UI/DisplayAlarms.aspx?order=”PITAG1”&batch=”PITAG1”&unit=TPC2Fill&load=xxx&prod=”TPITAG2




      If there is a different way to do this all together please let me know I am open to any suggestion.