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Query the AF attribute quality field

Question asked by Charles Zhang Champion on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by bshang



Recently, I create an elment with a lot of attribute which need to use the TLDR. Ocassionally, I found the quality field show "bad" there. After the communication with technical support, the explaination is that the query has no matched data or return "null". The interesting thing is I could define the return value as the query has no matched record. Also, I need to get the attribute status like "bad" to manipulate the visible status on the presentation layer.


I am the beginner of the AF SDK development, so, I want to get some suggestion on how to use this flag data of attribute to use in element analysis, or to use it as the switch of visible on display. If I use this flag, how to get the GUID for the attribute, because I need to know the flag for which attribute I manipulate.


I appreciate your comments here. thanks!