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    Online Training: Configuring Analytics with PI AF Online Course (April --> May 2016) - Introduce yourself...


      Welcome to the Configuring Calculations with PI AF online course!


      My name is Kelsey and I'm an Instructional Designer here at OSIsoft. I'll be helping you alongside Martin Bryant as facilitators for this session of the Configuring Analytics with PI AF Online Course.


      We have created this thread so registered users that signed up for this session can introduce themselves and interact with one another.  This is your space and I ENCOURAGE you to ask questions about PI AF and to share your thoughts and ideas in order to make this online classroom learning session a positive and fun experience for everyone.  It can be anything from how to get started, or to something advance within a roll up or event frame that you're working on.


      A little about me:

      Background is in Chemical Engineering until I started working for OSIsoft in 2013 as a Customer Support Engineer, splitting my time between Tech Support and Field Service. After I figured out how much I enjoy helping others learn, I transitioned to Field Service full time so I could spend the majority of my time teaching our public training courses. Finally in 2015 I transitioned to our Learning Team where I work on our Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs)! Outside of work I enjoy pub trivia, rock climbing, and am captain of a bowling team called Unbowlievable. I live in the San Francisco Bay area and have two cats, Lynx and Tiger Lily. I'm very excited that you're all here in this class; I hope you enjoy it!


      And now for Martin:

      I'm Martin Bryant - a Field Service Engineer based in Houston Texas.   I am a native Texan (primarily from central Texas) and I have a quarter century of working with the PI System.  My interesting work has taken me to many places all over the world.  Since 2008 - I've been working with helping customers with PI Asset Framework and related products including PI AF Analysis.   I am a very experienced classroom teacher - I've taught all of our public class offering and had a hand in designing most of those classes and I've taught most of our internal classes too.  However I don't know that much about teaching online classes (and I wanted to)- so I'm learning as you do about this format.  I went to music school for awhile and I"m always doing something with music as a hobby - I also play some computer games.  I have a grumpy cat named Portia.


      Please introduce yourself in this thread so your fellow learners, Martin, and I can get to know you better.  This is a space where you can share your experience with the PI System, and specific goals you have for this course.  Additionally, please take advantage of this Community to share any thoughts or questions during the course.


      We look forward to hearing from you and working with you throughout this course!



      Kelsey and Martin

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          I'm Scott Larson.  I'm a Sr. Operational Intelligence Consultant with Logical Systems, LLC, a systems integrator and OSIsoft partner.


          I have been working with PI since May of 2009 when I took the System Admin training in Houston, taught by the brilliant Martin Bryant.  I have worked in a number of industries, Power and Utilities, Ethanol, Metals and Mining, Pulp & Paper, Chemicals & Plastics, Media and Manufacturing.


          Last year I finished up my Maintenance Management Certificate from the University of Wisconsin and obtained my Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) certification.  I’m passionate about how OSIsoft PI can support an organization in their maintenance and reliability program.


          I feel that this class will help with creating analytics in the maintenance and reliability areas and am looking forward to learning more about this topic. 

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            My name is Danny Immesoete.  I started with Caterpillar in February and am learning the PI system by building a monitoring system to reflect the status of our customer Oil & Gas assets (engine/compressor units) in the field as well as the connectivity of all hardware that allow for the communication.  Currently I have a process book display with a dashboard that represents that status of all assets by site, and individual displays for each site. I'm really looking forward to learning about adding some analytics and notifications to this project, and others in the future.





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              I am Preethi Meher. With background in Information Technology. Started my career as a developer for SharePoint based applications, which is where I came across PI systems. We used PI webparts to plot the performance trends of Oil & Gas industry based assets like Rotating Equipment .  I have also got an opportunity to work as a data analyst for a solution developed based on OSI PI and XHQ, where we performed calculations using AF SDK and ACE scheduler. Looking forward to learning and to see if analytics can do what we implemented using AF SDK and PI ACE.


              Thank you,


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                Hi All

                My name is Shafquet. In past I have worked on PI AF , PI ACE, PI Interfaces.
                I want to explore more and more in PI. So joined this to add Analytic in my KB.

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                  Hi all,

                  My name is Duy, I live in Ha Noi from Viet Nam. Now I'm Working at VietSoftWare International. My background is Technical and Software Solution.

                  - My experience is ERP solution (Pronto-XI) 6 years ago with Lead CRM Module in that production, with ERP System I haved a developer and then I became a Consultant, The Customers are Retail-Enterprises in Viet Nam.

                  - From 2012 to  today I worked with Integration System (SOA) Technology. In this technology I haved a development (a litte time) and Business Analytic, The Customers are Big Banking in Viet Nam.

                  - Now I Manager a Project with IBM Technology , this solution is IBM-FileNet P8 v5.2, In project I haved design Model-Deployment (Logical-Model and Physical Model) and Configruration System (not-all). A bout this solution prime Content Management (Store All type of Contents,Create Data-Model-Structure).



                  Nguyen Thanh Duy

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                    Hi all,


                    My name is Carles, I live in Valencia in the east coast from Spain. I work for Iberdrola in the renewables business as an engineer for the past 6 years and almost ever since, my tasks have been related to analysis, reporting and business intelligence. At the beginning, our department was more focused into creating tools for the operation teams and doing deep analysis from some assets, but as we have been
                    discovered the power of PI data, we have been digging more and more into PI and the possibilities to automatize calculations and create notifications for all the portfolio. Nowadays, I work with PI Servers, PI ACEs, PI AF and PI Coresight on a daily basis and I would like to learn about Analytics in order to create new indicators to analyze the performance of our assets. Also, we would like to explore the possibility to replace some PI ACEs with Analytics.


                    Outside work, I love doing sports, specially riding my road bike  and basketball. Also, I enjoy very much cooking and reading as well.

                    I’m looking forward to learn how Analytics can give us value.





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                        Hi Carles,


                        I'm glad that you "discovered the power of PI" and have been working to use it for it's full potential! If you've been using PI ACE, you're in for a treat! I love Analytics because it's a lot easier for anyone without a programming background to implement. Especially since it's right within AF, so once you add an analysis or notification to a template, you can roll it out to all similar assets! I'm not sure what kind of calculations you're looking to implement, but you may also be interested in some of the content from the Enabling Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) online course. The course is still under development, but it a few videos are already available that showcase how you can use analyses, notifications, etc. to improve your asset maintenance strategies. Maybe something to check out after you learn the basics of analytics in this course?


                        Welcome to the class! If there's anything that myself or Martin can help with, please let us know!

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                        Hi guys,

                        It is pretty interesting to know others here. I am Tung Nguyen from Viet Nam, an senior software engineering at VietSoftware International Inc. About my background, I have been working in System Integration for approximately 3 years which related to Financial, Banking... with Oracle Technology family such as: Oralce Service Bus, SOA Suite, Database, ECM. Unfortunately, there is nothing from my experiences could give me an easy approach in this course although I just have got a certificate from the course of "Configure a Simple PI System" which controlled by Fukuda. Therefore, I appreciate any help, support and precious patience from you guys. 




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                          Hi All..


                          I am Annadurai (Anna) with Engineering Projects and SAP Functional Consulting (Plant Maintenance & Warehouse Management) background with companies like IBM, HP,ATOS. I am a year old with PI applications. Mostly I am working with PI Client tools and I don't know any coding languages. I would like to understand more about how PI can be integrated with SAP for Predictive Maintenance, Condition based Maintenance and FMEA as all these functionalities goes hand-in-hand with SAP Plant Maintenance.



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                            Hello everyone!


                            I am Jagdish and I have a varied database, developer and solution architecture background. I worked in Finance, Oil & Gas and currently Utilities (Transmission & distribution). I have used the PI system extensively but am fairly new to ABACUS - AF Analytics. I have just received the AF hierarchies certificate from Todd.


                            Great to see a lot of fellow PI users!