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Custom value to PI tag

Question asked by pallavi.soni on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by Paurav Joshi

Hi Community,


I wanted to confirm whether is there any way by which we can force PI data to display BAD value rather than hold last known value. There are times when data outage/Archive corruption or some other issues can cause misperception of real data (data stops updating), since the PI tags holds last updated value and hence for few applications or Process book screens the PI tag will show a Good value but actually there is issue going on and until and unless one see the timestamp, it won't be known.


There is a parameter under PItoPI-->Opt Cont.--> Suppress I/O Timeout which will suppress writing I/O Timeout to tags upon reestablishment of a lost connection to the source PI server.

Do we have any similar settings which can be done on OPC/PItoPI interface configuration file.



Pallavi Soni.