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How to store plug-in configuration in AF 2.0 Notification?

Discussion created by Asle Frantzen Champion on Dec 15, 2008
Latest reply on May 17, 2012 by skwan

We are currently  working on a new plug-in for AF 2.0, and have some questions regarding development of our plug-in regarding how to store and retrieve configurations settings for our custom delivery channel.


When storing the configuration for an instance of the delivery channel, we do this by overriding the AFDeliveryChannel's ConfigString property in our custom delivery channel, and calls a method SaveConfigChanges() on the "Set"-property, which seems to work fine. Are there any limitations on number of values, or size for on this string?
Assuming that this configuration string only should be used to store values and metadata for an instance of the delivery channel (different infor for each channel), we wonder how we are able store/retrieve the configurations/settings for the general plugin object.


So far we have added the AFPlugInTypeEditor Attribute to our plugin definition - AFPlugInTypeEditor("OSIsoft.AF.Notification.DeliveryChannel.MyForm")], which makes the form available within the System Properties dialog (plug-in properties). Our challange at this time, is to store and retrieve the configurations/settings that this form is providing - so that we can use the values within an instance of our custom delivery channel. This is typically information we set once for the plug-in, and is the same for instance of the delivery channel (typically a system account that is needed to be able to send each message).


Can we store such information within AF, and how may we do this?