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PI Analitycs - System Explorer diferent behavior

Question asked by PabloMatia on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by PabloMatia

I have a calculation in PI analytics, which is an iterative function.

To do this, I create a template and the analysis required for a full cycle.

With an element instance created, and after the initial configuration, I executed the first iteration, copied the new suggested value (by the method) in the trigger attribute.

It executes the next iteration and so on.

When the copy is performed manually in System Explorer, the iteration works.

As the PI Analytics not being able to perform iterations automatically, I decided to use another tool to make this copy.

The ProcessBook was discarded due to difficulties of portability and tasks required to transfer screens to other customer’s stations.

The best option I think it may be the use of the PI ACE to make the copy of the values obtained to the trigger attribute.


For performing this task, first, I try it with a Visual Studio 2010, PI AF SDK,  C# script to access the attributes of the instance of the created element.


Note:  the access to the trigger attribute (initial value) is guaranteed, as well as those attributes that are not changed with the PIAnalysis.

But when I try to read an attribute, which is changed by the Analysis (outputs) all of them indicate CalcFail.


In Process book I can see both types off attributes.


Has anyone experienced this problem?

Can you help me with a clarification of this behavior?


Thank you very much