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Process Book 3.1 and SDK 1.3.6

Discussion created by Joe Devine on Dec 15, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2015 by gregor

I had an interesting occurance last week when we transitoned a PI server to a new IP address and DNS name.  With the previous version of Process Book and SDK the conversion of displays was straight forward where you could simply open the Process Book Displays with the new server information after removing the old server information and you would be asked to replace the server that was referenced in the displays with the new server.  With PB 3.1 and SDK 1.3.6 opening the PB with the old server reference even if the server has been removed from the PI SDK connections list and removed from the registry the server name is re-created automatically and the conversion of the PB does not occur.  I watched as the SDK created a new registry entry for the old PI server so I logged in as a user instead of an administrator on the machine and the registry change still occured.


Has anyone else observed this behavior?