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PI Ace Calculation Requires Template Change to Process

Question asked by calmandrysdale Champion on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by bshang

I have an issue where a PI Ace calculation searches for any elements based on a certain template then runs some analysis on the individual elements.

The ACE calculation initially finds approximately 3400 elements based on the template. It is expected that some of these elements would be filtered out during the analysis; however the analysis only processes around 10 elements. It is expected that many more elements should be processed (at least over 2500).


I then take one of the elements that was skipped; convert it to a different template, check in the database; convert it back to the original template, check it in again.

After running the analysis again, this element then is included within the processed elements.


After some initial reading I was under the impression this was due to the synchronisation issues between AF and the PI MDB.

However, it appears the the Module Database Status is 'InSync' in the AF Link tool in PI System Management Tools. To be sure a 'Reset MDB' was performed.


Unfortunately the issue has not resolved and the same behaviour is still occuring.


Are there are any suggestions as to what could cause this behaviour and how to solve en masse rather than changing each element template?


Any help appreciated.