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PI Coresight 2016 Features Availability?

Question asked by Navaneethakrishnan Champion on Apr 28, 2016
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Great release from OSISoft Coresight 2016.


Recently I had a time to look at Coresight 2016 Beta version. I have following clarifications, whether those options or available or not? If it so how we can do that?

1. Can we change Coresight display background color?

2. Can we be able to convert a symbol from one to other after it was placed on the display as of last versions?

3. In Table control, I am unable to view the trend preview popup?

4. In time bar, earlier there were 3 options, now it has only two types of options. Can we expect the time slider in upcoming release?

5. Finally an important point, Shall we build an URL for Event frames directly instead of going into display and clicking relevant events?


Hope this query will create sense.



Navaneethakrishnan V