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Crawler not starting + IsConnected=false

Question asked by JensPr on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2016 by JensPr

Hi there,

we managed to get PI Web API installed on one of our servers. It is in the same domain as our PI server.

Though I can access the PI Web API buy the browser (IE) there is something strange with the crawler:


When I add the PI system as a database, it does accept it, but there does not show up a green checkmark on the tile representing the database.

Also it does not start to crawl and I have no idea why. It says "Not yet crawled" forever. :-(

We looked at the services (Web API + Crawler) and they are both up and running.


What can we do to tackle this problem? I watched the help files video, but these did not lead me to success. What could I have overseen?!


My local IT and me run out of ideas. If anyone can give us some hints to troubleshoot, that would be very nice.


Two more information: I am pretty sure that we have Kerberos and used an PI admin account to log into the web page. Second: When we go to the home page of the Web API there is an entry in that servers information stating "Isconnected=false"
Could this be part of the problem?