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Coresight Installation Problem

Question asked by AlvaroZambrano on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on May 24, 2016 by Camille Metzinger

Hi everybody


I've installed Pi Coresight following the steps shown in this video OSIsoft: PI Coresight 2014 Installation Walk-through [PI CS 2014 v2.0.0.8] - YouTube.

Coresight has been installed in the same machine that the Af server. The PI server and  Af Server machine are enjoyed the same domain. In the PI server, I granted the necessary permissions for the user account of CoreSight. Apparently everything looks fine, but when I look at  http://localhost/Coresight/Admin/   an error is showed in Indexed Search Service Status section.



When I revised the Windows Services, Pi Web Api and Pi Web Api Crawler are running normally.



Whe I try to create a new Display in http://localhost/Coresight/#/1/NewDisplay



I can not find any of the tags that I have stored in my PI Server. Furthermore I always receive a message of Coresight showing below


I do not know what can be wrong with my installation, for this reason I request you for help looking to get a solution to this trouble.


Thanks for your support.