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Get sustained value from a Tag

Question asked by Guevara on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by Guevara

Hi, I´m working with AF attributes and analysis to find out the amount of time in which a machine have been working BELOW a value, the first thing I did was write a function to figure out the last time that a value hits below a limit:



FecUltPar= FindLT(Inst,'*', '*-200d', Limite)



With that timestamp then I get the time using:  TimeLT (Inst, '*', ParseTime(FecUltPar), Limit)/86000 .


The function Works nevertheless If I have "noise" (as I have) in the tag this does not reflects the operation of the asset, I´m looking for a way to get the timestamp but with a sustained time below of 2 hours at least.


Any ideas of how can I get this?.


Thank You.