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    Modeller v2

      Are there any plans for v2 of the ProcessBook addin AF Modeller (to work with AF Server v2)?  There is nothing that I can see in the engineering plan.  With AR's having "temporary exposure limitation" in AF v2 I wonder whether v2 of the modeller will happen..?  So instead of writing your own case runner in ProcessBook to work with ARs in AF v2, will OSI be providing one or is it dependent on next release of AF v2?

      Or will this come once Sigmafine 5 in released Q2 2009?


      I just don't like the idea of installing AF Server v2 and then installing a compatibility layer, would rather stick to pure AF v2.

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          Yes, there are plans. The PR2 release of ProcessBook will have a new native AF 2.0 add-in (not necessarily called Modeler as it does a lot more than modeling). Any ARs developed for AF 2.0 should be manageable in PB 3.1 with the last version of the AF Modeler (1.2) today.


          The next Sigmafine version native to AF 2.x will be release at the same time of the PB PR2 release so it can take advantage of the new AF add-in. For now, we don't recommend to use Sigmafine with AF 2.0 even though one could migrate from AF 1.3 to AF 2.0.