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[OSIsoft.AFSDK] Cannot connect to the PI Data Archive. Windows authentication trial failed because the authentication method was not tried. Trust authentication trial failed because insufficient privilege to access the PI Data Archive.

Question asked by TomMcCarthyNeoPLM on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by Weikang
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I am getting the error above when trying to connect to a remote PI AF / Archive server.  I am able to see all of the PI AF contexts using Windows security, but I am not able to see any of the Archive data using the Windows security.  When in PI System explorer I can switch to PI  security and it all works fine.


I think I have a configuration mismatch somewhere in the security configuration, but I do not know where to look.  I would assume that the PI archive grants rights to the AF machine, but I do not see configuration like this on my server.


Can someone help?