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    AF2.0 and Notification Forum


      Hi there,


      Where would I put my AF2.0 and Notification posts in this discussion hall? I not able to find a suitable forum.

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          Hey Tjidde, I would guess in the SDK Development section as it mentions AFSDK.  Unless OSI take your hint and create an AF/Notification section.

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              Actually I'm hoping they will take the hint and create a forum. I think there is enough going on with AF2.0 and notifications to justify a dedicated forum

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                  Well, we hesitated when we first created the forums... first we did not to segregate the forums too much and get 25 of them :)      Second is: while it is true that programming with PI SDK, AF SDK (and its branches like the Notifications SDK, a.k.a. AN SDK) probably each deserve their own forums, most applications out there probably use a combination of these technologies. That's why we created the generic "OSIsoft SDKs Development" forum, with the idea that this can always change and adapt.

                  Also note that going down that route implies we will need to create an EF SDK (for Event Frames) when released,  and other separate forums for any other branch/section of the SDK that gets implemented.

                  That said, it's relatively easy to do and we'll do it if that's what the community wants :)  We understand the 2 of you would like to have separate forums for 1) PI SDK, 2) AF SDK and 3) AN SDK - how about the rest of the community? Does anybody have any more input? This is a topic I'd like to bring in our next webinar on 29-Jan-09 (Register now in the Upcoming Webinars section of the Auditorium!)
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                      I not only have quetion related to the SDK programming, but also some issues/question/enhancement request for using the AF2.0 explorer. E.g. a question how I can handle occasional string in a Formula data reference or pointers in making a script to apply a template for notification using our own developed endpoint or a question when custom attribute values are made availbel for webservices. Where would I post these issues?

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                          Likewise, I have questions about using AF and the AF Processbook addin. I have posted a question in the Processbook forum for want of a better place. This is nothing to do with developing with the AF SDK, just using AF.

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                              Hi Alistair and others who requested this! :)


                              As I wrote in a previous post, we are really trying to focus on "for developers, by developers" and provide a great portal for "PI Programming & Integration" related questions and resources. Our regular technical support (techsupport@osisoft.com - +1-510-297-5828) should be the preferred channel for "PI Admin" and "End Users" type questions. When in doubt, please don't hesitate and post it here: we'll help you the best we can and redirect posts to TechSupport when appropriate - we understand there sometimes is a fine line between the 2 categories of question...


                              On another hand, we also understand there is a desire for our customer and partner ecosystem, to have discussion forums for plain PI Administration and End-User type discussions. Please rest assure we communicate that to the TechSupport Management and we'll see :)




                              That said, there's another topic buried in this discussion thread: whether or not to segregate the "OSIsoft SDKs Development" Forum into smaller, more specific forums... I'd like to hear a little more on this from the community. Please see my previous post in this discussion thread.


                              And here's something we'd like to suggest - your feeback is more than welcome:


                                Generic Forums
                                - vCampus Discussions (non-programming)
                                - PI System Integration and Administration (non-programming)
                                - General .NET Development Discussions


                                Development with OSIsoft SDKs
                                - General
                                - PI SDK
                                - AF SDK
                                - Notifications SDK (AN SDK)


                                Development other OSIsoft products
                                - PI OLEDB Development
                                - PI OPC Development
                                - PI ACE Development


                                Add-In/Microsoft Development
                                - ProcessBook and Microsoft Office Development
                                - SharePoint Development & Integration

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                            Steve...can you create nested forums?
                            So you retain "OSISoft SDKs Development" but in there you then have each SDK separated.


                            OSISoft SDKs Development
                              |-> General
                                     |-> ....all posts
                              |-> PI SDK
                                     |-> ....all posts
                              |-> AF SDK (Analysis Framework, AFExplorer, System Explorer)
                                     |-> ....all posts
                              |-> AN SDK (Notifications)
                                     |-> ....all posts
                              |-> EF SDK (Event Frames)
                                     |-> ....all posts

                            That way your top level forum is not too crowded.  Once a user homes in on a specific technology area (SDKs in this case) you can post in general or get specific with each SDK and associated product.