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Handling Errors returned by GetObserverEvents() method of a AFDataPipe

Question asked by nkumar_CAT on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by bshang

Hello there,

I am new to OSI PI AF SDK, and trying to read real time data using AFDataPipe. And i know that myDataPipe.GetObserverEvents() returns a collection of AFErrors< TKey> if any error occurred.

I can store errored PIPoint with timestamp (when it occurred) and get the missing PIPoint value via a batch job using method GetRecordedValues().

For my batch job to read missing data for this PIPoint , i need to know timestamp to which i have to capture the values for this PIPoint.

One of the approach i have in mind is to, keep checking the error collection if DataPipe has started to read the values for this errored PIPoint, and then I can capture this timestamp and use this for getting the missing values for this PIPoint for the recorded time interval.

Please let me know if you have better/efficient solution to handle this.