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    Demo Dataset


      Good day to everyone!

      We are considering to develop a custom analytics application on top of PI System. I guess the best way to go is purchasing PI Developers Club Subscription...

      I am wondering whether there are demo datasets (archives) shipped with the subscription (or available elsewhere) for development purposes.



      Meir Tseitlin

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          Marcos Vainer Loeff

          Hi Meir,


          Please take a look at Q7 from the PI Developers Club FAQ document in order to find out more details about which products are included in the PI DevClub membership.


          I have never seen a demo database with large amount of historical archives. There are some demos included on our TechCon labs, old vCampus Live! hands-on-labs, partner courses and workshops which enables you to import a database to your AF Server and PI Points to your PI Data Archive by providing Excel spreadsheets and XML files. Those PI Points normally receives data from the PI Random Interface.



          Now, there are some techniques using our PI Developer Technologies for you to backfill data so you can have a PI System with 3 years of data, for instance. Could you please describe your use case with more details?

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            We have asset-based example kits that can be used to generate the data. See Asset-Based Example Kits

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