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PI Processbook - Excel object server busy error

Question asked by OscarGarciaLino on May 6, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by tmcmanus


I have an excel object inserted in a processbook display. I also have a function in the macro that updates the OLEObject:



Function SpreadSheetUpdate(sheetNumber As Integer, cellNumber, cellValue As String) 'Item(1): stacked bar graph; Item(2): left parameter column; Item(3): upper subcool rows ThisDisplay.OLEObjects.Item(1).Object.worksheets(sheetNumber).range(cellNumber).Value = cellValue ThisDisplay.OLEObjects.Item(2).Object.worksheets(sheetNumber).range(cellNumber).Value = cellValue ThisDisplay.OLEObjects.Item(3).Object.worksheets(sheetNumber).range(cellNumber).Value = cellValue ThisDisplay.OLEObjects.Item(4).Object.worksheets(sheetNumber).range(cellNumber).Value = cellValue ThisDisplay.OLEObjects.Item(5).Object.worksheets(sheetNumber).range(cellNumber).Value = cellValue End Function


I keep getting the following server busy message:


If I click Retry nothing happens. After 4-6 minutes the message goes away. I only get this message the first time that I open the display. I looked at the processes on windows task manager, and looks that I get the message only the first time becasue the excel.exe process is lunching.

Has any body gotten this warning message before in processbook?  Any idea how can avoid it? I have tried different option but still getting the message.