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PI Health Point Problem

Question asked by jasman.hazly on May 6, 2016
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I have a problem which my interface health point tags still show good even there is no connection.

Is this the bugs?


its mention inside the document as below:

Device status tags can be configured to monitor the status of the devices to which the interface connects. Strings of the following form can be written to the device status tag. Note that the “# |” at the beginning of each error string is for internal use for an application that parses this string.

“Good” - This value indicates that the Interface is able to connect to all of the devices referenced in the Interface’s point configuration. A value of “Good” does not mean that all tags are receiving good values, but it is a good indication that there are no hardware or network problems.

“1 | Starting” – The interface will remain in this status until it has successfully collected data from its first scan. Interfaces that collect data infrequently may stay in this status for a long time. “Zero devices are currently communicating with the interface.” - This value indicates that the Interface cannot communicate with any of the devices.

“# device(s) failed all of their retries while requesting data.” - This value indicates that the Interface cannot communicate with some of the devices. The number of devices that failed their retries will be recorded and logged.

“4 | Intf Shutdown” - The Interface has shut down.


if if there is network problem between PI Server?