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    OSI Developers

      Are developers from OSI going to be more active on vCampus giving us their insider knowledge to our problems?



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          The vCampus community has been created as a communication platform betwwen OSIsoft, Partners and Customers.


          The OSIsoft developers participate here and the vCampus team involves the OSIsoft developers on a case by case base. In fact, all of OSIsoft does take part on the vCampus community.

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              Hi Rhys,


              Some of your fellow vCampus All Stars - Chris Manhard and Mike Zboray - are OSIsoft developers for PI AF and Abacus, respectively.


              In general, I would say that others are most likely to participate on topics for their respective products, especially around key milestone stages (e.g., CTP, Beta, etc.) of the upcoming version.  For example, I have been monitoring certain forums more closely ever since CTP1 of the PI Data Archive back in mid-May.


              Do you have any particularly pressing topics on your mind?