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OPC interface failover

Question asked by Danny Dijke on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2019 by Cyrille2


To start with my question: is it possible to failover an OPC interface when the data tags are having a BAD state?


Our configuration:

IFNode1: OPC Interface + OPC Server

IFNode2: OPC Interface + OPC Server

OPC Interface is configured with UniInt failover Phase 2, cold.


It happens that the interface status tags reports no issues with either of the interfaces, but the data tags are having a bad state:


The issue is solved by restarting the primary interface (which triggers a failover, but after the restart I can manually failover back to the interface that was having issues) or manually failover to the other interface.

I want to initiate an automatic interface failover when the data tags are in a bad state.


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