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Processbook Table Control or Similair

Question asked by MAMEDINA on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by knightk

I need recomendations if I can expidite dropping PI Value Points on to a Processbook - The scenario is I have an AF Structure that looks like:
With several dozen more temp indicicators following.  I would like to show the current value of each of these indicators in my processbook so I am using the Draw value control.


Dragging and dropping these individual temp indicator elements from the AF Browser to the display shows a  square - representing the entire element not displaying the Value property.


Ideally I would like to use something like the Table Control that is available in Coresight - that control shows the name, description, current value and other information related to the value. With the Coresight Table control once I have specified the property(tempreture value for these indicators) to display for the element I am able to MASS SELECT several elements and ADD them to the Table - this displays the current corresponding temperature for each of the elements/temp indicators.


Let me know if there is a similair control in Processbook or if I can use a builtin control in similair fashion.  We are using PI Processbook 2014.