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    Processbook Table Control or Similair


      I need recomendations if I can expidite dropping PI Value Points on to a Processbook - The scenario is I have an AF Structure that looks like:
      With several dozen more temp indicicators following.  I would like to show the current value of each of these indicators in my processbook so I am using the Draw value control.


      Dragging and dropping these individual temp indicator elements from the AF Browser to the display shows a  square - representing the entire element not displaying the Value property.


      Ideally I would like to use something like the Table Control that is available in Coresight - that control shows the name, description, current value and other information related to the value. With the Coresight Table control once I have specified the property(tempreture value for these indicators) to display for the element I am able to MASS SELECT several elements and ADD them to the Table - this displays the current corresponding temperature for each of the elements/temp indicators.


      Let me know if there is a similair control in Processbook or if I can use a builtin control in similair fashion.  We are using PI Processbook 2014.





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          Hello Marco,


          A control similar top the table control in PI Coresight does not exist in PI ProcessBook.

          You can create Element Relative Displays (ERD) in PI ProcessBook. Drag & drop operation however is not supported in PI ProcessBook.

          An easy way could be using a Trend Symbol and have the user use the Details pane to look at the values of a trace in Table format.

          It's likely a bigger effort combining Trend and Value symbols to something that looks similar to the Table control in PI Coresight but it should be possible.


          Your question is kind of unusual. The majority of user likes to make ProcessBook displays work in PI Coresight. Can you please explain your use case i.e. why using PI Coresight isn't an option?

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            Something like this is very possible using the Symbol Builder in Processbook, I have put together a quick video to demonstrate how this is done. I have a template assigned to my top level heading (in this case Platform but in your case Tanks) and then the child elements all belong to another template (in my case wells, in your case "temperatures" ?)  and my assigning a symbol to the parent template and the child template, dropping the parent element onto the display (with symbol builder set to add child nodes at the bottom) will automatically build a table...have a look


            Processbook - Easy tables with symbol builder - YouTube

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                Hello Keilan Knight,


                Thank you for putting this video together. Very impressive!

                Who said drag & drop doesn't work with ProcessBook? Thank you as well for clarifying about this tiny little detail. I really wasn't aware.

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                    The Display Builder plugin is really useful for this, I have built a lot of complicated displays with ease, what's nice aswell is when you want to update the template, all graphics using the same template update to the new graphic automatically, great when someone asks for a colour change, additional column etc.


                    Where it falls short on when the child elements which you wish to be rows in your table also have child elements, I'm not sure what development on PBook is like just now, but it would be a really handy feature if Display Builder could limit how deep it goes in an AF path ...

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                  Thanks for the demonstration video Kilean -  I am looking into using that template format.  I am still considering whether to do this in a Processbook that will be imported into Coresight or directly in Coresight.   I was looking at displaying this tank data(there are many other sensors besides temp indicators) in Processbook because the user is wanting a visual representation(symbol) of tank and related items in spatial relation to the tank.  Also, from my understanding processbook files imported into Coresight can only link to other processbooks - not Coresight displays.