Tag wildcard causing issue

Discussion created by RJKSolutions on Jan 13, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2009 by andreas

Is there a restriction using a tag wildcard within an OLEDB call?


Example query:
pipoint.tag=picomp.tag and picomp.time=Date('*')and pipoint.pointtype='D' AND DIGSTRING(picomp.status)='Making Lots of Money'


Above works as expected.
Add into the mix a tag filter and it fails:
pipoint.tag='Money*' and pipoint.tag=picomp.tag and picomp.time=Date('*')andpipoint.pointtype='D' AND DIGSTRING(picomp.status)='Making Lots of Money'


Way round this appears to be (in code) to create a PointList object from PISDK.Server.GetPointsSQL with 1st query and then call GetPoints from the PointList object to filter the tagnames.  Obviously this means 2 computations rather than one.


Any advice?