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    View RtWebparts in FireFox on LINUX

    Joe Devine

      I am working with a customer that has a SCADA system that runs in LINUX and they would like to use RtWebParts to view PI data from a FireFox web browser.  When they attache to the SharePoint site all of the Microsoft parts, Calendar, Announcement, etc. display without issue but none of the RtWebParts will display.  Will this work at all? 

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          As per the RtWebParts documentation, RtWebParts requires Internet Explorer 6 or later which is only available for Windows platforms. Thus, RtWebParts can not be rendered directly in a Mac or in Firefox at this time. It also requires an SVG Viewer to render the RtWebParts as they are SVG-based (typically Adobe's SVG Viewer).


          The next generation version of RtWebParts is expected to be Silverlight based Microsoft Silverlight will support multiple browsers on the Windows and Mac platforms and there is a well-funded open source implementation (Moonlight) for other platforms. So at present, it appears that the next generation of RtWebParts will support the platforms you are interested in (and perhaps more). However, given the early stage of these projects I can't give you any information about when you can expect to see a release version.


          That said, the current version of SharePoint has different support levels for various browser/OS combinations. As you can see in this article from Microsoft's TechNet Library (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc263526.aspx), FireFox falls into the "Level 2 Web Browsers" and some features are not supported. Among these unsupported features are some very important ones, notably the "Part to Part Connection". In other words, even though you got to render SharePoint and RtWebParts contents in FireFox, they wouldn't be able to connect with each other. Hopefully this will change in the next release of MOSS...

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            Maybe an option will be to use a small Windows XP/2003 Virtual Machine on the Linux machine? In this way, the users will have a local Windows machine to access the RtWebParts.


            Another option can be to use a Terminal Server, and use RDP from the Linux machine to log into an account on the Terminal Server, and use the RtWebParts from there.

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                Most of our RtWebparts need some part of IE and/or Adobe's SVG, there is a beta version available for linux that is version 6 (if I do remember correctly) that can be installed under linux or windows and that allowed me to see the sharepoint sites with RtWebParts under linux, it still has some issues (no sorting of RtTables, you can actually see the query string, RtGraphics stop updating for some reason) but it is really better than not being able to see anything.


                Again, this is unsupported but I thought you may wanted to know. (nor by OSIsoft neither by Adobe)