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PI OLEDB Event Frame Attributes - DeltaV

Question asked by TomMcCarthyNeoPLM on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by pthivierge

I am trying to write a query to retrieve the value of the recipe name and the product name which are stored as attributes attached to the procedure level event frame by the DeltaV batch interface.  I am able to join the event frame attributes and can pull back the appropriate rows for recipe name and product name, but I do not see where the values are stored.  I thought it might be valueType, as that is a large string field, but all I see is the string "string", in that field.  All of the other string fields seem to be either blank or have some kind of UNC path in it.  There does not seem to be any archive join information here either. 


What am I missing?  The source automation system is DeltaV.