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    DataLink: PIAdvCalcExpVal - wrong error message?



      There is some strange behaviour in Datalink v3.x in that the cell formula for PIAdvCalcExpVal will accept long expression strings but the Advance Calculation Data dialogue will not.


      Example expression:
      'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid'

      If you enter that directly in the formula for a cell it accepts it and returns a value.

      =PIAdvCalcExpVal("'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid' + 'sinusoid' + ...

      If you select the Advanced Calculated Data dialogue window for that cell and click OK it complains and gives a strange error:
      Error is pasting array
      Choose a different output cell address

      Nothing wrong with it as it works directly in the formula.

      This error does not happen when using PIExpVal (Archive Value dialogue) with the same expression.


      Any advice?